Not happy with the existance of an extended King Kong DVD an a detailed production diary dvd gift box? Worry not, as your thirst for giant monkey insanity has been quenched with the torrential waterfall that is ANOTHER King Kong DVD!

Via pre recorded video, Peter Jackson walked Comic-con audiences through the ultra mega sized DVD. Here's the details:

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- Bloopers

- Extended scenes

- 230 new WETA fx shots

- 13 more minutes

- Commentary

- 30 minutes of deleted scenes

- More creatures

They showed a DVD trailer displaying many new shots of action, bugs and Peter Jackson in a mo-cap suit hitting pillows with a stick.

Also in the presentation was a very elaborate action scene, completed just for this release. It takes place early in the crews is making their way along a river on makeshift log-rafts. Suspense builds up as we get hints of a large creature in the water. Think a Peter Jackson version of Jaws. Lots of action and suspense with a loch-ness monster creature eating disposable victims while Jack Black films a man getting eaten. The scene is fun and exciting, but doesn't do much to establish anything beyond the already stated fact that Jack Black's character cares more about his movie than the lives of the crew. It's probably good they cut it out of the original release, but it's really awesome to have on this extended cut.

King Kong: Deluxe Extended Edition hits store shelves on November 14th.