As hundreds of eager fans of 24 crowded into the event hall, I wondered to myself what are they going to really tell us. As most of you know, 24 had just scrapped its scripts for 'Day 7' and basically just restarted from scratch. But little did I know, those savy producers revealed (both voluntarily and involuntarily) a few tidbits that kept the crowd hungry for more.

At the onset, David Fury, Jon Cassar, Manny Coto, and Evan Katz get right into it. First off they confirmed a couple rumors. 1. No CTU and yet 2. Chloe O'Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub) is back, which immediately leads the crowd into a joyous applause. They explain that at the start of the season, we will learn that CTU has been "disbanded" and that our beloved Jack Bauer will be standing before the Senate being forced to answer to his past crimes. Which of course means that Day 7 will be set in Washington DC. So far so good - fresh city, fresh location, and fresh Bauer.

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Then before you know it, they start throwing their curve balls.

First Curve

Is Tony Almaeda (Carlos Bernard) really dead? - Here's where they present arguments for both sides without ever saying "yes he's dead" or "no he's not". From their "no silent clock" to "Peter Weller lobbying to kill Tony" to their "Tony Almaeda coming back at the end of Season 6" alternate ending; only one thing seemed clear, the only real response to "is Tony coming back" is "keep watching."

Second Curve

Is Josh Bauer (Evan Ellingson), Jack's son? - This one came as more of a credit to the audience, because I think everyone who watched the show assumed that he was Jack's son, and the producers admitted as much so they decided to just not tell us. Which naturally leads to the theme of the day ... "keep watching".

Then come the fastballs

-Is Agent Pierce (Glenn Morshower) coming back? - "He's on Friday Night Lights, but we love him".

-Is Audrey Rains (Kim Raver) coming back? - "She's on another show", and no current plans.

-Is Kim Bauer (Elisha Cuthbert) coming back? - No plans.

-Will Chase Edmunds (James Badge Dale) ever return? - No plans.

This barrage of info then morphs into a fun finale for the fans. This is where the producers themselves begin to make fun of the "rules" of the show". Like how Jack gets from downtown LA to Santa Monica in the matter of minutes, or how "Jack's magic bag" seems to have everything he ever needs at any given 'crisis'. At the end it seemed that everyone was laughing, which was extremely ironic considering this panel was about a that has seen Jack shoot wives, kill friends, and fail to stop nuclear explosions. Can 24 really be considered funny? I don't think so, but I know what the producers would say... "Keep watching".

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