Picture this: A massive 5000 seat ballroom packed to capacity. An aura of immense anticipation brews around the comic-con crowd. Are they here to see footage of the next Spider Man film? No. They're here to see the screening of the hotly anticipated Bionic Woman. From David S Eick, the producer of Battlestar Galactica, and Jason Smilovic, the creator of Kidnapped comes a re-imaged (darker) version of the Lyndsay Wagner series of the same name. Eick and Smilovic bill the series as a contemporary story of a woman struggling from two sides. On one, her discoveries in her potential as a hero, and on the other her own personal maturations as she grows into a woman. This is to all play together in parallel as she learns to walk the lines of solider, machine, and humanity.

The panel/screening begins with a shortened (30 minute) version of the pilot. The hype is definitely there, but can it captivate the audience in the same way that say Heroes did last year? Sadly no. After the credits began to roll, two things were certain.

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1. There were a lot of Battlestar Galactica fans in attendance (I counted no less than three BSG alums in this pilot, and it seemed that if any of them did anything remotely interesting massive cheers would follow) and

2. This pilot needs some serious work.

Aside from a weak overarching story, which can be blamed by the shortened running time, the dialog and performances seemed inconsistent and almost distracting at points. It seems as if the production team wasn't sure of the exact definitions of each character. Either way, Eick and Smilovic proclaimed that they are still re-shooting scenes, so lets hope they get it right come fall.

Bionic Woman premieres Wednesday, September 26th at 9pm on NBC.

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