During today's rounds down here at the San Diego Comic-con we got a chance to sit down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with actor Henry Rollins to talk about his role in the upcoming straight to home video release, Wrong Turn 2: Dead End. Click below to hear what he had to say.

Wrong Turn 2 Exclusive with Henry Rollins at Comic-con 2007

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What follows are some of the highlights of what Henry had to say to our very own Nik Hill. We open with Rollins praising the community aspect of Comic-Con.

Henry Rollins: I like it that people can network. That you can meet other people and you can find your people. That for me was always what punk rock was about.

So would you say you see acting as a privilege?

Henry Rollins: Absolutely. I like to work so for me it's not like I am looking for a career in acting. I wouldn't mind more acting work. I like it. I'm just thankful for work. Sometimes it's a tour and sometimes it's a movie.

How did you get cast in Wrong Turn 2: Dead End?

Henry Rollins: Joe (Lynch; Wrong Turn 2: Dead End director) and I met in my office. We talked about the part... and I really liked Joe. I liked him immediately, he's just a really good guy. As a director he's phenomenal. As a person I really liked the dude. He reminds me of me. He's intense, he wants to get the work done. That was the spirit of the film it was like, "Lets rock this thing!" Because it's a very physical film. There's a lot of fight scenes, running, it's all outdoors.

The film takes place in one location?

Henry Rollins: Yeah, way out of town. So you're getting up at 3 am and at the end of the day you're trembling from exhaustion. You get in the van to go back to the hotel and by the first traffic light you're like, out.

Since you're playing the host of a reality TV show, did you use anything from your personal experiences in playing the character of Dale Murphy?

Henry Rollins: It was not a stretch for me. He's a good guy. He was the first guy to realize something's up here. This is south of good. I've got a bunch of innocent contestants in the woods and it's on my watch. They're basically my responsibility. I've got to save the day so I go into that mode.

Having done Feast and now Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, are looking to work with the new horror maestros coming up?

Henry Rollins: I don't get a lot of choices in movies. It's not like I'm Brad Pitt and I can walk in and go here's the film I want to do and everyone runs around. If you're a real actor or whatever you can walk in and say, "I want to do a movie this summer." And people go, "Oh, let it be my movie!" I don't have that. I stand in line and do auditions. I'm there with 80 other guys trying to be that guy. Every once in awhile I luck out. I take a meeting, like real actors. They say, "Henry, are you available?" "Well yes I am." That's starting to happen to me more often than it did 10 years ago. It's not like I said, "I want to work in the horror genre." The film genre I work in? Who wants me?

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End comes to DVD October 9 from Fox Home Entertainment.