Ken Foree hates me, because I always bug him when I visit Comic Con. I love Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, in which he beats Leatherface's ass with a gas can. When I first came across him on the Con floor four years ago, I hadn't yet made the connection that he was also Peter in Dawn of the Dead. He remembers me because I prod him every time I see him. I think he is a brilliant actor, and I was so happy when Rob Zombie cast him in The Devil's Rejects.

Early tonight, Ken Foree rushed over to me for a little one on one. We were at the Beowulf party, having drinks on Paramount's dime. Why was Ken Foree at a Paramount party? Well, they own the rights to Teen Wolf. And when I asked Foree if he had any scoops for me, he let me in on a little secret. Because we are tight like that. Ken Foree is in talks to replace James Hampton in a remake of the Michael J. Fox classic. That's right, Paramount is remaking Teen Wolf. ATL's Markice Moore is set to play the title role.

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Foree just finished shooting Rob Zombie's Halloween. He tells us that he is a "victim" in the film. When we pressed him about it, he let us in on a little secret. He's the one that gives Michael the blue jumpsuit. I asked him how that transaction happens to take place, and he told me that Michael essential buys the jumpsuit from a "Mexican" flea market. And then he kills Foree.

Ken was most excited about the line he gets to say in the film. Apparently, no one has ever repeated this line in film history. It was first spoken by Strother Martin in Cool Hand Luke. And the line is "I think we have a failure to communicate." You can just imagine how that plays out.

Foree says the line while he is trying to sell the jumpsuit to Mike. Myers just guts him and takes it without paying. Your serial killers, I swear...