We got a chance to talk a little bit about Death Sentence with James Wan tonight. The film is based on a book by Brain Garfield, the same guy who wrote the original Death Wish. "I don't mind people comparing this to Death Wish. But this is more of a revenge film. The book is more of a vigilante story."

"I'm super excited about the scene where Kevin Bacon shaves his head. We really get to see his transgression from family man to a brutal killer. Kevin has a scar above his eye..."

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We asked him how he got the scar over his eye, "You'll just have to watch the movie."

We then asked him if Leigh Whannell was involved in the project, "He plays one of the gang members. We see him hanging out of the window of the car with his bald head. It was a real fight to get him in the film. But Leigh is going to be in every film I make."

Wan told us about his fight with the studios, "I was never very happy with Saw, because I thought it could have been better. And it was hard working with a major studio on Dead Silence. I made Death Sentence because I got to make the movie I wanted to make."

Wan also let us in on the fact that he was in the middle of writing something, but he wouldn't tell us what it was. He did say that, "If you've heard rumors of me doing a big studio remake, that is completely false."

Death Sentence opens on August 3rd, 2007.