Recorded just an hour ago, we've got the entire Stephen King's The Mist panel from today's Dimension Films presentation. Director Frank Darabont, Thomas Jane, Laurie Holden and Marcia Gay Harden were all in attendance talking about the film.

The Mist Panel at Comic-con 2007

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What follows are some of the highlights of what Frank Darabont and the rest of the panelists had to say about one of Stephen King's most chilling stories.

After Frank Darabont asked people "Who knows the story?" (and being met with thunderous applause), the cast of Stephen King's The Mist fielded questions from the audience.

What do you intend to do with this movie to take it further than it was taken with the mini-series?

Frank Darabont: I think you're confusing this with something else. It's a feature. Its got a hard R rating. It's intense. Yes, it's a horror movie, I hope. It's a harrowing, intense movie. With some fantastic acting and amazing special effects.

Thomas Jane, you kicked shark ass in Deep Blue Sea. You kicked ass in The Punisher. How do you go about battling the beasts in this movie?

Thomas Jane: I feel like this is an episode of this is your life. (Laughs) Nobody got that joke. You're way too young. I don't think there's a difference. You just sort of tackle each character and each role to the best of your ability. Also, you go off of the script that you have laid out before you. It just happens to be a very well defined character. The characters in the piece are really what make the movie. Its got some great special effects and some terrific stuff that Greg Nicotero and them put together. The heart of the movie really lies in the characters.

Frank Darabont: The brilliant thing for me is working with this ensemble, in such a focused an intense manner... the camera operators, were like other actors and you never knew quite where they were going to be.

Thomas, can you elaborate on why passed on doing The Punisher 2?

Thomas Jane: No.

Frank, this movie is a way different visual style than your other movies...

Frank Darabont: Completely.

So how would describe it? What is the style?

Frank Darabont: We wanted to go for... a grittier look in the movie. Everything is so finely grained nowadays. This digital thing is so beautiful. I got into an argument with people. With this, we wanted to get it a little more old school. One of the biggest rules that I had... when you see the movie projected for real there's all kinds of grain in it. That's exactly what we were hoping to get. When I'm watching it, I'm seeing grain like I'm used to seeing grain when I was a kid.

Stephen King's The Mist comes to theaters on November 21 from MGM.