The audience members in Room 8 at the San Diego Convention Center were treated to a huge surprise guest at the comic book publisher,

Devil's Due and they're property Hack/Slash's feature film adaptation. After the first half hour of the panel, which featured the comic book creator Tim Seeley along with the film's director Todd Lincoln, screenwriter Justin Marks, had another addition... a huge one. There was a brief announcement that Devil's Due Publishing had gained a partner in Trigger Street Productions and, I knew right away who that special guest was: Kevin Spacey.

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Spacey and Trigger Street's Dana Brunetti made the announcement that their company, through the website, has partnered up with Devil's Due to do the same thing for comic books that the site already does for film screenwriters. After a user signs up on the site, he/she has to read and review a certain number of scripts before they can upload their own project. Spacey opened up by saying, "Comics are taking over Hollywood."

Brunetti followed with, "This is a chance to get something to get something we wouldn't normally be able to get," referring to the gigantic comic book adaptations like The Dark Knight.

Spacey and Brunetti also said that the new addition to the site was so new, the first addition was just uploaded within the past half-hour.

Go to to find out more information about this brand new comic/movie partnership.