It was another packed house in Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center for the Lost panel. While this wasn't a star-ladened extravaganza panel like some at the Con were, it certainly wasn't short on entertainment... and oddities. Executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff came onto the stage and brought with them a huge box of swag. They were actually giving away a prize from the box for each person that asked a question. The whole panel was almost all a Q&A session, (sorry, no new footage to describe) so there was booty up for grabs.

This is one of the strangest and most entertaining panels I went to in the entire Con. So, rather than have me describe this entire panel, I figured it'd be better just to post the entire audio file that I recorded at the panel. So, Lost fans, get ready for an interesting auditory ride with the entire Lost panel, and don't forget to listen up from a special appearance from a key cast member and a very odd portion near the end, which involves The Dharma Initiative. (P.S. yes, that is my prominent laughter through parts of the audio.)

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Comic-Con Lost Panel Audio

Lost will premiere its fifth season with all new episodes in February of 2009.