Judd Apatow has been one of the hottest men in Hollywood, figuratively (sorry Judd, but you said so yourself...) with his collection of off-kilter comedies that have touched a comedic nerve in all of us. Even with all of his success, that doesn't mean he's not above moderating a Comic-Con panel, and that's just what he did with the panel for his new producing venture Pineapple Express. He first introduced us to the panel which consisted of co-writer Evan Goldberg, director David Gordon Green and actors Amber Heard, Danny McBride, James Franco and co-writer-star Seth Rogen, and then played three clips from the film for the audience. Here are brief descriptions of the clips below.

Pineapple Express Clip Description

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It isn't a terribly long clip, but it's basically just James Franco's Saul showing Seth Rogen's Dale about this "trifecta" cross joint, which has one smaller joint going through a bigger joint. Dale just buys his weed and wants to head out, but when Saul says "I can't even light this by myself," which gets Dale to stay

The next clip features Dale and Saul going to Danny McBride's character's house to see if he's heard anything about them. Things get a tad bit out of controle, due to Dale's paranoia, turns into a hilarious fight scene.

The next clip features Amber Heard, the younger girlfriend of Dale, with Dale sobbing and trying to make his relationship work. He wants their relationship to get back on track... but when she says she wants to marry him... he realizes his mistake.

The next clip has Dale and Saul getting caught selling weed to the kids at high school, which leads into the scene in the trailer with Saul stealing the police car and kicking out the windhield from the trailer. We see that scene extended both before and after it and it's hilarious.

After those crazy clips were shown, the panel got even better. Not because there was a surprise guest or anything like that, but just because these are just some incredibly funny motherf&*%ers. So, instead of trying to describe the hilarity to you, I figured it'd be more entertaining and easier on all of us if I just put the audio file up here for your listening pleasure. It's seriously a riot, folks. I must warn you, though, folks. Despite the "warning" the panelists have written on the back of their nameplates about persons in the audience being under the age of 18 and not to use naughty language... they use a s&$#load here and it was easily the funniest panel I was at for the entire Con. So, be warned. If naughty language is not your thing, don't click below. Seriously. However, if you're down with the potty mouth, check it out below!

Pineapple ExpressPanel at Comic-con 2008

Pineapple Express opens nationwide on August 6.