This is my first Comic-Con and I heard that the lines were insane. I also heard that each day, everything gets worse, and more packed and insanely, well, insane. I heard from many Comic-Con vets that Saturday was the best for panels, which conversely means it is the absolute worse for the lines into those panels. This was made quite clear to me as I rolled up to Hall H to get in line for the Heroes panel. The panel started at 10:45 AM. I got to Hall H at a little after 9 AM. The line was the biggest human snake I've ever seen in my entire life. And here I thought the Watchmen panel line was nuts. This line made that line look like a cable-access panel line. It literally took me 15 minutes just to walk to the back of the line. I was sure I wouldn't get in... yet here I sit, waiting for the panel to start. When I first walked in, I knew why. There was a decent amount of open space in the back at the Watchmen panel, but they filled that entire space with additional seats. I honestly couldn't believe I got in... but DAMN am I glad I did. Here's a breakdown of what I saw.

- A video was displayed for a new contest at where you can choose a new Hero, both of whome can manipulate the space-time continuum. Satniago can speed up or slow down time for himself, seeing every possible outcome in what is to come next. Adrianna can do the opposite, and manipulate the time of the people around her, speed them up, slow them down to her needs. You can vote online at

- Shown the last of three webisodes. Echo can produce a super-sonic, destructive sound that emits mass destruction, and shit.

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- Executive producer Jeph Loeb comes onstage. "I promise each and every one of you that you will want to talk about it," referring to the upcoming season.

- Loeb, in an effort to stall because the elevators are broken and the cast can't come out, starts riling up the crowd, seeing which section of the insanely huge crowd are the biggest Heroes fans.

- Tim Kring comes down with a Blade Runner-esque briefcase handcuffed to his wrist. Inside is a copy of the Season 3 premiere. "You're sworn to secrecy... unless you like it then you can tell everyone." Yes, we were about to be shown the Season 3 premiere!! Here's a complete rundown of the premiere below.

Heroes Season 3 Premiere At Comic-Con

- We open on Claire, sporting a new jet-black hair-do, poiting a gun at Peter, four years into the future. She shoots him but he, you know, stops time and takes the gun and dissapears.

- He shows up in the future where his brother is about to announce his powers when he's shot by Sylar. Peter gives chase, Parkman follows.

- Claire sees it on TV and calls Peter. She wants to help but he won't let her.

- He's in the hospital as they try to revive him and Peter waits. They can't revive him... until he leaps up in bed! The cool title screen ensues.

- We cut to Hiro bored in his office, playing with the clock in his office in Tokyo. Ando comes in, says he's intimidated by his new power. He owns 51% of the company now and has $250 million, but he's bored. He's a "man without a quest," with "no one knocking on my door"... until there's a knock on his door. His father's lawyer gives him a DVD message from his father before he died, about Hiro's destiny.

- Claire is about to leave, presumably to go to Peter and Nathan. Right when she's about to leave, Sylar is at her door. He says he wants her power again, but Claire smakcks him in the dome with a trophy. She tries to escape but Sylar's power seals off the house.

- Claire's looking for Sylar and they play with some horro conventions here, with Sylar coming up behind her... then walking past. Sylar continues right behind her when she slashes at him and misses. It seems Sylar is more powerful than ever.

- We make a very odd cut to Maya waiting with a 2x4 but ends up swinging at Suresh. Maya wants Suresh to examine her. Suresh appears to be giving up, and packing up to go back to India.

- Suresh discovers that these powers are procured from adrenaline, and not a gene!

- Hiro is watching the DVD of his father, who is going to tell him a secret. The secret resides in his safe and if it goes into the wrong hands it could rule the world. He tells him his destiny is not to open the safe and protect the secret.

- Hiro, though, bored with his rich-but-drone existance, opens the safe because he wants to be a hero again.

- An envelope says "Press Play" and the DVD continues with Takei saying not to open the safe. Hilarity.

- Inside the envelope is half of a formula. The fate of the world depends on the safeguarding of this formula. Hiro opens the safe and looks at the half of the formula when it's taken out of thin air. He stops time and follows the trail to try to get it back.

- Speedster, this supnky blonde, is the one who stole the formula, and punches Hiro and leaves.

- Parkman comes to Peter with the gun. Both try to read each others minds and Peter tells Parkman he's from the future. He morphs from his past self to his future self, dispatches Parkman and leaves.

- Nathan Petrelli wakes up in the hospital. He sees his suit hanging up on the door and when Peter comes in, the suit and Nathan are gone.

- Hilarious scene where a reporter is talking about Petrelli's "stable" condition when he walks out of the hospital right in his frame.

- Nathan goes into church and says he saw God and he gave him a chance to do great things. The reporter asks if he was ready to give his statement and sees pPeter, ready to get his gun out. He gives a speech to the family at church and says that we're all connected. At the end he says, "Save ourselves, save the world," and he kneels down to pray. He's about to collapse and Peter catches him.

- Back to Maya and Suresh with Suresh starting to examine her. He has isolated the genetic source of these powers. Says that syringe can give powers to anyone.

- Back to Claire in the closet with Sylar trying to get in. Sylar starts talking to Claire and sees a box with files of other villains. Claire comes out and stabs Sylar and he catches her and does the opening of the forehead thing.

- He starts looking for answers inside Claire's head. Wonders what humans could do if we used 100% of our brain instead of 10 or 20 percent. He takes something from her head and the knife would in his chest regenerates. He puts the top of her skull back on and she heals herself as Sylar leaves. Claire wonders why she's not going to kill her and he says that she's not like the others and said he couldn't killer her if he wnated to. Said she can never die and now neither can he.

- Back to Suresh and Maya and Maya wants her to destroy the syringe and Suresh wants this for the good of mankind. Maya thinks the abilities are a curse. She said if that can't cure her, he should destroy it, "for the sake of one of us."

- Nathan is back in the hospital and Peter shows him the headline with his "coached by God" quote. Nathan is convinced these powers are God's work. Thinks we can be angels, on Earth to do God's bidding. He doesn't want to tell about his powers to the world now. Says they can't be angles if everyone knew.

- Oh SNAP! Linderman arrives in the hospital room, says they're made for great things.

- Nikki is with the governor of New York, who sees Nathan on the news and thinks "he's our man."

- Cut to Parkman who, after Peter's dispatching, is somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

- In Tokyo, Hiro wonders how Speedster knew he was going to open the safe. Hiro says he'll never go back into the past, but goes back to the future, so to speak.He sees future Hiro and Ando arguing and when Hiro is about to strike him with the samurai, Ando does this big laser blast power thing and takes the formula. Shortly thereafter, the whole city starts to explode when Hiro goes back to present.Ando runs up to him and Hiro says we have to find the formula.

- Suresh is sitting on a dock, thinking about throwing the syringe away but he sticks himself with it. He starts convulsing and collapses.

- Back to the hospital with Petrelli's mom there. She comes up to Peter and knows that he's not really Peter and wants him to go back to where he came from.

- A big bald-headed guy is in the underground area where they keep the bad villains and he says he's Peter Petrelli. We also see Claire's father in another cell when he hears his name.

- Parkman runs up and sees a dinosaur skeleton, so we assume he's in, you know, another time.

- Nikki is watching Nathan outside his hospital room.

- Suresh wakes up and discovers he has super-human strength, bending a gun and throwing a man 20 feet. He stands up, holding his hands as we see the traditional "... To Be Continued."

Sure, people may have bitched and moaned about last season, but after watching this season premiere, THIS SHOW IS BACK! This new "Villains" season lokos simply amazing. I'd love to talk about it more but the cast just came back to field a few questions.

Petrelli's mom is now a regular cast member and we'll be seeing a lot more of her. They go down the line and had the cast explain the season in a few words. "I've always liked the word bruhaha." Ali Larter added, "fantastical," and to cap it off, Tim Kring used the word "adrenaline" to describe the show.

The crowd is restless and they go to a lightning round with a ton of really quick questions. Most didn't pan out as they couldn't actually get a question out since they were so excited to be there. A guy dressed as Hiro comes up and Masi Oka does a duel-challenging pose, much to the delight of the crowd.

Obviously, I haven't been to every panel on Comic-Con, but this was probably the longest line at the whole Comic-Con and it was THE BEST PANEL YET. They say Saturday is the biggest day at Comic-Conn and it got kicked off in a huge way. Simply amazing, folks.

You can see the astonishing Heroes Season 3 premiere on Monday, September 22.