Last night, the cast of Breaking Bad appeared in San Diego for a panel and Q&A session for the highly-anticipated fifth and final season of the AMC series, debuting Sunday, July 15 at 10 PM ET with Episode 5.01: Live Free or Die. Series creator Vince Gilligan revealed at the panel that the second episode of Season 5, Episode 5.02: Madrigal, will take place in Germany.

The location shift is said to revolve around some financial dealings that Bryan Cranston's Walter White makes for his burgeoning drug enterprise. Here's what the actor had to say about the final episodes of this critically-acclaimed series.

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"As we wind down to 16 episodes, we're cranking it up!"

The final season will be split into two parts, with the first eight episodes airing this year, and the final eight airing next summer on AMC. You can CLICK HERE to watch the Comic-Con trailer for Season 5 that debuted at the panel last night.