Comic-Con has officially landed in San Diego this morning, along with the futuristic vehicle from Elysium made by exotic car manufacturer Bugatti. First Showing has offered a look at this cool spaceship, which will be used by the super rich in Neill Blomkamp's upcoming sci-fi follow up to District 9, which stars Matt Damon as a man on a mission to protect a wealthy plot of land on a space station inhabited by the last few remaining wealthy citizens of the world. Check it out!

<strong><em>Elysium</em></strong> SDCC 1

<strong><em>Elysium</em></strong> SDCC 2

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<strong><em>Elysium</em></strong> SDCC 3

<strong><em>Elysium</em></strong> SDCC 4

<strong><em>Elysium</em></strong> SDCC 5

<strong><em>Elysium</em></strong> SDCC 6

B. Alan Orange