The cast of Fringe was in San Diego today for their last Comic-Con panel to promote the fifth and final season, debuting September 28 on Fox. We reported back in April that the network ordered 13 episodes to wrap up the series in Season 5, although one cast member believes a Fringe movie may happen sometime down the line. Here's what John Noble had to say about a cinematic possibility for the beloved sci-fi series at the panel earlier today.

"The film is very possible down the line."
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Joshua Jackson also believes that Fringe will be revived in some form.

"The show will live on in some form or another."

We also reported in March that producer Jeff Pinkner has plans for an elaborate comic book series. Producer J.H. Wyman also revealed at the panel that Season 5 will pick up where Episode 4.19: Letters of Transit left off. The episode is set in the year 2036, foreshadowing a world where the Observers have taken over.

The show also played a five-minute video for the fans, showing scenes from Season 4 and Season 5, with main cast members coming out of an "amber" state to do battle with the Observers. That video isn't available yet, but we will share it as soon as it comes online.