Independent production and distribution studio The Asylum announced today that the company will release its first theatrical film, supernatural horror project #Holdyourbreath on October 5, 2012. The film stars Katrina Bowden, and Randy Wayne.

Based on the urban legend that you can breathe in evil spirits when passing cemeteries, #Holdyourbreath follows seven friends embarking on a weekend camping trip who pass a run-down cemetery and find themselves arguing about the legitimacy of the urban myth. When one friend refuses to hold his breath while passing by, he finds himself the unwitting host to a notorious serial killer who jumps from body to body in order to pick off each of the friends one-by-one. The film's release will include an aggressive social media campaign focusing on the urban legend.

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"Theatrical releases for our films are a progression that has always been part of our company's plan," said partner Paul Bales. "We think #Holdyourbreath is the perfect match for our area of expertise considering our history with horror and other genre films."

The Asylum already is primed for a busy Fall with four telefilms currently on its slate including Shark Week and Dead Walking for Syfy Channel and two additional projects for Lifetime Television. The company is currently in production on Age of the Hobbits in Cambodia.