Marvel's The Avengers is easily the biggest movie of the year, raking in an impressive $612 million domestically, and over $1.4 billion worldwide. Obviously, a sequel is inevitable, although news out of Comic-Con today reveals that Marvel may have to find a new director. Joss Whedon revealed that he hasn't committed to making The Avengers 2 yet. Here's what he had to say during a press conference for his Firefly reunion at SDCC.

"I have not come to a decision on directing Avengers 2 yet. I am having too much fun with this (Firefly reunion) now."
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Of course, the director likely has a lot of time to make said decision. Marvel Studios is working on a slew of superhero sequels like Iron Man 3, currently in production, Thor 2, and Captain America 2 filling up their 2013 slate. Another ensemble, Guardians of the Galaxy, is slated for August 1, 2014. Since Marvel likes to shoot one movie at a time, The Avengers 2 wouldn't be hitting theaters until at least 2015.