Last night, IMAX hosted it's IMAX Remix press event, where it debuted the new Sony Pictures trailer for the latest 007 adventure Skyfall. This trailer won't be available online anytime soon, as it is meant to only play in IMAX equipped theaters. And we have yet to implant digital recorders in our brain to play it back for you live. So, you'll just have to take our word for it: It's pretty cool.

Now that we've gotten our Miley Cyrus impression out of our head (her wedding is coming up, and I'm stressed about what to wear!), we can tell you a little bit about what we saw. This is rumored to be M's final Bond flick with Daniel Craig. That being the truth or not, the central storyline here hinges on Dame Judi Dench's character. She holds in her possession a disc containing all of the names of every British Intelligence Agent hidden throughout the world. Of course, she loses the disc, and this quickly becomes a treasure hunt of the Secret Service kind.

This bit of Intel offers our first look at Ralph Fiennes' character, who comes in and gets to chastise the demure Dench about her fugup. M promises that everything is being done to locate the missing disc. Cue: Bond. James Bond.

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Early /comic-con-2012-skyfall-photo-reveals-ben-whishaw-as-q/Yesterday morning, we got our first taste of Ben Whishaw as Q in the form of a picture. Here, we get to see Q spring into action, and he gets to have some fun with Daniel Craig's 007, bragging about his computer skills. He seems to be more of a hacker than a gadget maker. And he likes to get stuff done before he even gets out of his pajamas.

The trailer has more action than any of the 70s James Bond adventures combined, and we get a look at that much talked about train sequence, which sees 007 jumping a motorcycle onto a moving railcar. We also get a brief, miniscule glimpse at Javier Bardem as the main bad guy, walking amidst the flames of wreckage. We also get a couple shots of a cool car chase, with Bond at the wheel and Naomie Harris' Eve in the passenger seat.

Where is Bond? Somewhere in the South China Sea. And that's all the information M has about the debonair Agent's whereabouts in this wild look at the film. We can tell you where he is. He's in a shower, making out with a very sexy lady. This is one tight clip you don't want to miss. We're not sure with which movie it will debut with in the very near future. But its worth checking out at your local IMAX Theater. Because, again, that is the only place you will be seeing it!

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange