Before Comic-Con even got underway, Karl Urban, who knew he'd be out in full force in San Diego to promote Dredd this weekend, /star-trek-2-villain-spoiled-by-karl-urban/accidentally let it slip that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Gary Mitchell in Star Trek 2. This is a villain that J.J. Abrams has tried to keep under wraps ever since production began.

Because of his slip up, Karl Urban was forced to slap a piece of tape over his mouth that simply read Dredd anytime the subject of Star Trek 2 came up throughout the duration of the weekend, during any interview.

To prove that all involved have a very good sense of humor about the whole villain spoiler thing, Karl Urban was allowed to post a special Youtube only Comic-Con 2012 sneak preview from Star Trek 2, which we have for you here. It's a little tongue and cheek, but wait it out...You will be rewarded at the end.

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Without further ado, Dr. Bones goes surfing. For Real.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange