Horror film mavens and genre enthusiasts will find no safe haven at Comic Con International 2012, as independent production and distribution studio The Asylum announced today that they will be joining their fellow fanboys at this year's San Diego Convention.

In celebration of their 15th anniversary, The Asylum will be bringing in talent from some of the studio's most popular action, fantasy, thriller and monster movies for signings, including Scream Queen Lynn Lowry; Zombie Apocalypse stars Lilan Bowden and Johnny Pacar; and the twisted minds behind The Asylum: David Michael Latt, David Rimawi, and Paul Bales.

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You can also enter to win your very own Crovel, a combination shovel-crowbar tool used in the upcoming apocalyptic thriller Dead Walking, a tool vital to surviving the zombie apocalypse. Comic Con may play host to the world's largest assortment of superheroes, but who knows when and where the end will come; San Diego may be the first to fall...

Check out The Asylum's survival guide to making to it through Comic Con and the impending "end:"

1. Hoard favorite flicks - The Asylum will be selling DVDs for only $5 and Blu-Rays for $10. Whether your tastes are more Mega Shark Vs Crocosaurus than Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies, The Asylum's wide range of productions can help rock you to sleep at night. Plus, with every $50+ purchase, you will receive an exclusive 15th Anniversary The Asylum t-shirt, sure to be a collector's item, while supplies last.

2. Meet your heroes and grab mementos for safekeeping - Take an "official" photo ID with a cut-out of one of the sharks from the Studio's upcoming SHARK WEEK - and cross your fingers that you don't get eaten in real life!

Snap photos with and get exclusive mini-posters signed by the stars who have made it through doomsday - well, at least in the movies:

  • Wednesday, July 11 (7:00pm - 8:00pm) - Bikini Spring Break cast and crew signing with Jared Michaels (Co-writer and Director) and stars Rachel Alig, Jamie Noel and Erin O'Brien.
  • Thursday, July 12 (2:30pm -3:30pm) - Zombie Apocalypse cast and crew signing with Nick Lyon (Director) and star Lilan Bowden.
  • Friday, July 13 (2:30pm - 3:30pm) - MEET THE FILMMAKERS OF THE ASYLUM, including Christopher Ray, Chris Ridenhour, Eric Forsberg, Micho Rutare, Richard Schenkman, Mark Atkins and Thunder Levin.
  • Friday, July 13 (5:30pm - 6:30pm) - American Warship cast and crew signing with Thunder Levin (Writer and Director), Chris Ridenhour (Composer) and stars Johanna Watts and Chris Hayes.
  • Saturday, July 14 (2:30pm - 3:30pm) - The Haunting of Whaley House cast and crew signing with Jose Prendes (Writer and Director) and stars Stephanie Greco, Carolina Groppa, Arielle Brachfeld, Maria Olsen, Lynn Lowry, Mindy Robinson, Shawn Philips, Graham Denman and Abby Prendes.
  • Saturday, July 14 (5:50pm -6:30pm) - MEET THE MASTERMINDS OF THE ASYLUM - Signing with The Asylum owners and producers David Michael Latt, David Rimawi, and Paul Bales.
  • Sunday, July 15 (1:30pm -2:30pm) - Super Cyclone cast and crew signing with Liz Adams (Writer and Director), Chris Ridenhour (Composer) and star Gerald Webb

3. Gather the remaining essentials - The Asylum and Arcana Comics are teaming up to bring you A Field Guide to Cryptozoology: The Strange and the Fantastic, a book that examines the creatures of The Asylum films through the lens of a field guide. Written by a woman following in her adventurer father's footsteps as he uncovers unbelievable creatures of the past, present and even the future, this guide book is a must-have. Drawn by the talented Mike Dubisch with words from Michael David Nelsen, assisted directly by The Asylum, this book will be on sale at The Asylum/Arcana Comics booth.

Enter to win a slew of fun prizes, including the most important survival tool of all: the Crovel. Designed specifically to kill zombies, this sleek amalgamation of your basic shovel and typical crowbar, is not only versatile but light-weight. How to use this MacGyver-approved apparatus? Check out how it's used on the undead in The Asylum's Dead Walking, airing on Syfy this October.

About The Asylum

Founded in 1997, The Asylum is a full production and distribution studio, specializing in creative content for the global television, film and home entertainment markets. Based in Burbank, California, the company fully finances and produces 20-25 titles per year. These include top rated TV premieres for Syfy Networks and Lifetime Television and a development deal with MTV. With over 100 titles in its library and an aggressive, cost-effective, reactive and collaborative production model, The Asylum is rapidly growing as one of the industry's go-to source for telefilms and cable series.