Bill Condon didn't appear in person during this morning's panel for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2, but he did appear via a video screen to show fans who've been waiting in line since late last Saturday night the first seven minutes of the movie.

These first seven minutes pick up exactly where the last installment, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 left off, with Bella (Kristen Stewart) opening her bright red eyes to reveal that she's gone full vampire. After she wakes up, she turns to Edward (Robert Pattinson), squeezes him a little too hard, and forces forth the line, "It's your turn not to break me!" A line of dialogue that generated plenty of applause and laughs throughout the massive walls of Hall H.

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Bella wants to see her newborn baby, Renesmee, but Edward instructs her to feed first. This sets the lovers off on a race through the woods, to hunt down and kill a deer. While seeking out her prey, Bella smells the fresh blood on the knee of a hiker who has cut himself on the rugged Washington mountainside. In a tense and terrifying bit of bloodlust, Bella tears ass after the hiker to kill and consume his blood. It takes all the strength Edward has to hold her back.

Edward eventually talks Bella down from her blood high, and the two go back into the woods to look for that poor deer, who hasn't quite escaped just yet. Bella corners the deer, only to be attacked by a mountain lion, and I shit you not, Bella takes the beast down in an action scene that had the air filled with wild hoots and high-picthed hollering.

Bella wrestles a mountain lion! A god damned mountain lion! You'll want to see the movie just for this scene alone. It stays within the boundaries of its PG-13 rating, but it is straight up craziness that belongs in some bizarre Drive-In B horror movie from the 70s. Its right up there with Leslie Nielsen wrestling a grizzly bear. Bell eventually bites the mountain lion in the neck, consuming its blood, fulfilling her dirty thirty for that crimson red liquid. The moment is truly delicious, and equally ridiculous. Twilight naysayers be damned!

Bella and Edward return to the house after this feast for the ages, where they run into a typically moody Jacob (Taylor Lautner). Upon seeing Bella and her fresh red eyes, he quips, "You're looking quite human this morning." Bella seizes the moment to sniff Jacob up and down, to test her readiness to be around her human baby. And that ends the seven minutes.

We know it's early, but those might be the most talked about seven minutes seen at this year's convention.

Bella fights a Mountain Lion!

If that weren't enough excitement for one panel, Stephenie Meyer was also on scene to preview the first footage from her upcoming adaptation The Host. The footage actually acted in coordination with the The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2's first seven minutes, as it too kicks off with a similar scene. Saoirse Ronan opens her eyes to reveal a transformation. Only, her inhuman iris coloring doesn't' indicate that a vampire has entered her body. No. She, instead, has been anally invaded by a space alien!

Diane Kruger has Saoirse in a bleak facility, where it is revealed that aliens have invaded earth, and that they are basically using humans as their personal skin puppets. Saoirse's character, Melanie Stryder, was once a resistance fighter, and the extraterrestrial inside her is now probing for her memories.

This leads us to a series of semi-blurry flashbacks, where we learn that Melanie survived the first wave of attacks, and that her father took his own life rather than be taken away by a group of men dress eerily in all white.

Next, the alien inside Stryder mentions that the girl has a brother, which is where Melanie starts to mentally fight back. It's a scene that would be hard for any actress to nail, and Saoirse Ronan does a respectful job of convincing us there are two entities struggling for space inside her head.

This moment leads to a collection of scenes from the rest of the movie. We watch as Melanie goes on the run with her brother. We also get a moment where the girl makes out with Max Irons' Jared Howe. We were also treated to a scene of William Hurt riding in to save Stryder from being killed. The video presentation ends with a caravan of trucks being chased by a helicopter and a couple of cars all completely covered in mirrors. The scene ends with one of the trucks about to crash into wall.

That wraps up the footage we saw during the The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 panel. We'll be sure to return with tales of the next exciting Q&A session as soon as it happens here in San Diego!