Before The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 cast members made their final appearance in Hall H, they sat down for a press conference earlier today to promote this franchise finale. Stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and author Stephenie Meyer talked about their entire Twilight experience as a whole, along with shooting this final chapter in Summit Entertainment's incredibly lucrative series.

Kristen Stewart spoke about how thankful she is to have played Bella Swan, and how much she enjoys the role.

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"It is funny. If you told me tomorrow that we had to have reshoots of some scenes that they weren't happy with, I'd be so happy that I'd start vibrating because I do really enjoy playing this role. We got to do it for four years. When you do that, even though it is a bummer to walk away, I look back on it so fondly that I hold it and it's something I'll always have. I'm really thankful for that."

Stephenie Meyer also recalled her first experience meeting these cast members, before embarking on this four-year cinematic journey.

"For me, the first time that I saw them was pretty memorable because I was meeting them for a cast dinner and they were coming from a shoot in costume. So, the first time I met them, they were all dressed up as my imaginary friends and it was one of the most bizarre experiences of my life, but it was so cool to see everybody. I was like, 'This is what they look like! It's real!' I wanted to touch them. It was really, really cool. It was exciting because they all looked awesome and I was really excited to start working with them."

Taylor Lautner revealed that he was impressed by Kristen Stewart's vampire transformation in this last installment, after playing the meek Bella Swan for so long.

"Kristen has done such a good job, over this whole franchise, at playing the perfect awkward, clumsy, relatable girl. Now she's, all of a sudden, just transformed herself into this sleek, sexy vampire, and it's a completely different person. It was very impressive for me to see, and I think the fans are going to be blown away as well."

Robert Pattinson also talked about how daunting his first experience was at Comic-Con back in 2008, and how he's used to all of the acclaim now.

"The first one was genuinely frightening. I don't think any of us had experienced a crowd that large. It's strange. But, then you get used to it surprisingly quickly. It's weird. You have a persona that develops in front of a bunch of people, and it's different specifically with fans of Twilight, as well. There's a mood which comes out. But, I think this is fun. When you have 6,000 people, it's like one of the big premieres. The one in L.A. has 10,000 people, or something. But, that's just walking around in a haze with people screaming at you. With this, there is actually some kind of an element that's a show. There is a back and forth, a little bit, so it's way more fun. When you turn up to a premiere, it's like doing a marathon."

Since this is the final installment, and since everything gets rebooted these days, Stephenie Meyer responded to the remake question in an intriguing fashion.

"It would be really interesting, in 20 years. But, I do pity the person who tries to step into these roles because that's going to be really hard. It's not going to go well for them, I would imagine. This is what is loved. It wouldn't be the same. It would be interesting, but it would be so hard. That would be the hardest part. Bella's story is definitely told. It's final. Back in the day, when I was never going to stop writing about vampires, there was a reason why Renesmee was created. I was creating a narrator. But, that's 20 years down the road."

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