This just in from the convention room floor at San Diego Comic-Con! Drew Goddard, who co-wrote the controversial final episode of Lost, has penned the final third of the troubled thriller World War Z.

Drew Goddard's Lost writing partner and co-scribe of this summer's Prometheus, Damon Lindelof, was supposed to do rewrites on this adaptation of the popular novel by Max Brooks, which finds Brad Pitt as a United Nations employee traversing a zombie outbreak. The writer became too busy with his other projects, which include Star Trek 2, to help out.

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Both Damon Lindelof and Drew Goddard are now off, onto other projects, and it looks like Drew's new ending may still need another re-write.

Deadline reports that Jack Reacher screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie may be brought in to do the job. Though, he may be too busy to help out as well.

There is no set start date on when this new ending will be shot. Director Marc Forster is expected to return to complete the mess he's seemingly gotten himself into. It's still possible that this "unfilmable" novel could actually still be a pretty great movie. Fingers crossed.