The guys at AICN were slipped a corporate document this afternoon from a company that works very closely with studios on their upcoming releases. And as part of their corporate strategy, it lists both the Untitled Batman Reboot and Justice League as movies that will be released in 2015.

This document was distributed within the corporate offices today, so its being heavily speculated that Warner Bros. is planning to announced both the Untitled Batman Reboot and Justice League movies during Comic-Con. Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are having their big Q&A session in Hall H at 10:45 Saturday, which is tomorrow. Will the news be made official there?

DC Comics is also having their big 75th Superman Anniversary tomorrow, at 4:15 in room 6a. This info could also be officially announced there, in a smaller, more intimate room.

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To add some validity to the story, Ant-Man, which has a confirmed November 2015 release date, and Trolls is also included on the document.

Is it time to get excited? Or are you going to save the noisemakers for tomorrow afternoon when, and if, this becomes official? Or do you no longer care?

B. Alan Orange