Producer Richard P. Rubinstein is in the final stages of converting director George A. Romero's 1978 zombie classic Dawn Of The Dead for 3D. The producer, who owns the rights to this horror-thriller, revealed that he has 91 minutes of the 126-minute movie converted already. Take a look at the poster for this 3D conversion, then read on for more details.

Dawn of the Dead 3D Poster

The conversion process has been in the works since 2007, but the producer revealed he isn't sure what he plans on doing with the 3D film once it is finished sometime this fall. Here's what Richard P. Rubinstein had to say, revealing that the film is more 3D-friendly than he originally thought.

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"It is proving to be more 3D friendly than many films, because George's style was to compose within the frame, rather than across frames. That means there is a lot of action within each frame, from front to back and it makes the conversion process more friendly. It's like you're moving the audience closer to the movie. What I didn't want to do is not edit anything George did in his original movie, and nothing has been altered in this process."

The conversion has cost around $6 million so far, nearly 10 times the original budget of $685,000. We'll keep you posted on any plans for a 3D theatrical re-release of Dawn Of The Dead as soon as more information is available.