Gina Carano and Rob Liefeld are teaming up to bring the comic book Avengelyne to the big screen. The actress and Avengelyne comic book creator will be at Comic-Con 2013 on Saturday to meet the fans and sign posters featuring Gina Carano as the title character.

The comic book was created in 1995, centering on an angel who come to Earth on a mission to find "the one," someone who can save the world from demons and other evil creatures. Gina Carano and Rob Liefeld are re-conceiving the story for a feature adaptation which Gina Carano will star in, that is being compared to the Underworld franchise.

Scott Karp and Brooklyn Weaver will produce alongside Gina Carano and Rob Liefeld. The producers will begin their search for a writer or writer-director next week after Comic-Con wraps up.

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Gina Carano made her feature debut with 2012's Haywire, and was seen in this summer's blockbuster Fast & Furious 6. Rob Liefeld created several popular characters during his time at Marvel, such as Cable and Deadpool, before he left the company to start Image Comics in the mid-1990s.