A short while ago, Legendary Pictures unveiled the very first footage from the upcoming Godzilla remake (stay tuned as we'll be posting the video as soon as it's available). The panel consisted of director Gareth Edwards talking about the concept behind the remake and what fans can expect from the iconic monster in 2014. A description of the footage that was shown is as follows:

""A city decimated. Completely destroyed. The camera pans by the wreckage of a train and the distant voice of J. Robert Oppenheimer (father of the atomic bomb) is heard reading from the Bhagavad Gita - "Now, I am become death". Dust everywhere. Cars crushed. Holes in sky scrapers. RELATED: William Zabka Didn't Have Much Fun at Comic-Con Before Cobra Kai

We then see a giant centipede like creature with many arms and legs smoldering. (You know what that means? Monster battles!) The city appears dead as a door nail. Then blackness. THE ROAR. As in THE roar. Huge Bass drop. Raymond Burr finishes his famous speech. Dust...then an arm... a hand... with claws. Pan up... holy shit... the fins. The head. Godzilla. As we know him. The real f-cking Godzilla. He roars again.

Fade to GODZILLA! With Red Japanese title behind it!""

Check out the images below which were snuck out of the Hall H footage by a ballsy fan, and watch the entire panel below.

Godzilla at Comic-Con 2013
Godzilla at Comic-Con 2013