Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment rolled out the first footage from Godzilla at their Comic-Con 2013 Hall H panel today, which confirmed that there will be more than one monster in director Gareth Edwards' creature feature.

Although the footage is not available online yet, the scenes showed a large Kaiju with insect-like arms destroying an airport, before Godzilla shows up to take on the monster. However, Godzilla's face was never shown in the footage.

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Director Gareth Edwards was on hand at the panel with cast members Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, and Bryan Cranston, all of whom revealed that despite the epic scope of the project, it still felt like a smaller, independent film on the set. Here's what Elizabeth Olsen had to say about the shoot, which just wrapped just two days ago.

"We were on set all the time just going at it, so it felt like an independent, smaller production."

We'll keep you posted if the Godzilla footage from Hall H arrives online in the near future.