When Warner Bros. officially announced their plans for a Batman/Superman movie in Man of Steel 2, many were left wondering what the movie's title would be, given the two massively-popular superheroes that will be featured. As it turns out, Man of Steel screenwriter David S. Goyer addressed the title question during the studio's Superman 75th Anniversary celebration panel, where he revealed two possible titles. Take a look at what he had to say.

"So over in Hall H at the Warner Bros. - I guess most people know now - at the end of the Warner Bros. panel, Zack (Snyder) came out and he brought Harry Lennix, who plays General Swanwick in Man of Steel and Harry read a bit from [The Dark Knight Returns]. So the next film we're making, we're already in pre-production, comes out in summer of 2015 and we're actually not sure whether the title is Superman vs. Batman or Batman vs. Superman but yes, that rematch, that combination, the two guys onscreen and that's happening."
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The guys over at ComicBook.com delved a little deeper, revealing that Warner Bros. has actually registered website domain names that fit both titles, BatmanVsSuperman.com and SupermanVsBatman.com. However, they only own BatmanVsSupermanMovie.com, and not SupermanVsBatmanMovie.com.

Man of Steel star Henry Cavill is returning as Superman, along with Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane, although Batman has not been cast yet. Zack Snyder is directing from a screenplay by David S. Goyer.