Its been a full year since Sony Pictures launched their OmniCorp viral site as part of their RoboCop remake campaign. In conjunction with the film's presence at Comic-Con 2013, the site has finally gotten an upgrade complete with new photos, product information, and helpful videos that explain OmniCorp's mission statement leading up to the unveiling of Detroit's first cyborg police officer on Friday, July 19 at 4:05 in Hall H as part of Sony's massive line-up. Take a look at the consumer viral videos, along with a product line that includes a newly refurbished ED-209, the pre-RoboCop EM-208 cyborg, the flying drone XT-908, and the C-1 motorcycle, perfect for the everyday business man. To visit the site for yourself: CLICK HERE

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RoboCop Viral Site Photo 1
RoboCop Viral Site Photo 2
RoboCop Viral Site Photo 3
RoboCop Viral Photo 4
RoboCop Viral Photo 5
RoboCop Viral Photo 6