In life, there are winners and losers. And then sometimes you get an Avengers: Infinity War, who plays both sides of the field. That is just how it goes. Even at something as jam-packed with pop culture icons as Comic-Con 2017, there were bound to be some losers amidst all the glorious winners. The thing is, there was something about the offerings this year that made the winners seem really special and the losers really... lost.

The problem with putting together a list like this is that a lot of it is based on perception. If you love Will Smith, you might really take umbrage with Bright being placed in the loser's column. If you absolutely despise Stranger Things (I know... what are the chances?), it might not seem like it deserves all the praise it's getting as a TV show parading as a 1980s movie aggregator.

All that said, Comic-Con 2017 was filled to the brim with winners and losers. Amidst all of this, one thing was made abundantly clear, people LOVE nostalgia. No matter how you feel about the 1980s, it would be hard to argue that that decade has not made a resurgence. This was never more palpable than in the Thor: Ragnarok trailer, the aforementioned Stranger Things, and of course Blade Runner 2049 just to name a few.

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However, despite calling this a winners and losers list, one has to marvel at the diversity we saw. Look at movies like Black Panther or shows like Star Trek: Discovery. Now, I am not saying that film and TV have solved their problems with this issue. I am just saying that many of the offerings, if nothing else, featured a step in the right direction.

So sit back and enjoy the Comic-Con 2017 Winners and Losers. Again, what you might deem to be a winner might be at the top of this loser's list and vice versa. So much of what goes into these lists is subjective. One thing to remember is that these are only movies and TV shows. And no matter how you feel about how this content is treated, good or bad, rest assured that there will be more! We start with the winners, kicking off with the excellent Marvel panel and its next big superhero in the waiting.

Black Panther

Black Panther Comic-Con 2017

A big problem with Hall H in the past was that fans gathered around to essentially hear the talent promoting the movie. And then hear them say that there wasn't anything they could talk about with the project. This was not the case this year and it certainly wasn't the case with Black Panther. Chadwick Boseman, Black Panther himself, and the rest of the cast briefly introduced themselves, then they let a clip from the movie speak for itself. Filled with amazing visuals of Wakanda and an action fueled fight, Black Panther set itself apart. It was truly incredible footage to behold. The fact that it gave us a panel that actually talked about the film only bolstered what was already a strong showing. As excited as we are about Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther managed to rise above even that jewel in Marvel's already sterling crown.

Thor: Ragnarok Trailer

Thor: Raganrok Comic-Con 2017

There was one thing that was abundantly clear about the Thor: Ragnarok trailer, it was better than the first two films combined. Making this whole thing even more cool is how we finally get to see Hulk talk! Sure, it's babyish but the reason for that has been explained by director Taika Waititi and that only seems to bolster this film's credibility. Another thing making this movie pop is how we get a Thor unlike any other we have ever seen. He's bold, brash and seems to be channeling Kurt Russell in Big Trouble In Little China. Yes, this film is an unadulterated love letter to the 1980s. However, of all the Marvel films that they have on the docket, this one seems to be having the most fun and that alone made it a huge winner at Comic-Con 2017.

Evan Jacobs