With production already under way on Warner Bros. highly-anticipated superhero adventure Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the studio is looking to move forward with the long-awaited Justice League movie. Deadline is reporting that the studio is courting screenwriter Chris Terrio to take on the screenplay, following his work rewriting Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

It isn't known if a formal offer has been made at this time, but Deadline reports that after Chris Terrio "absolutely crushed it" with his work on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the studio wants to stay in business with the up and coming writer.

Chris Terrio won an Oscar for writing 2012 Best Picture winner Argo for director Ben Affleck, and he also has a number of other projects in various stages of development, such as Bunker Hill with Ben Affleck and The Foreigner with Matt Damon.

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While it hasn't been confirmed by the studio yet, it's been rumored that Warner Bros. wants to shoot Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League back to back, but if they're bringing on a new writer, it doesn't seem like that will happen.

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