Much to the delight of the Hall H crowd, director Christopher Nolan and star Matthew McConaughey made their Comic-Con debuts at the Paramount panel today, marking the first true surprise of the Con this year, showing fans a new trailer for Interstellar. Although the footage won't debut online quite yet, the studio did release high-resolution versions of the Entertainment Weekly photos from May, featuring both Matthew McConaughey and Christopher Nolan. Take a look at the images below, then read on for more details.

<strong><em>Interstellar</em></strong> Photo 1
<strong><em>Interstellar</em></strong> Photo 2

Before the trailer was shown, Matthew McConaughey offered high praise for his director to the Comic-Con crowd.

"When you're on set he's already conceived of this world that he's putting onscreen. This felt like independent filmmaking - 3, 4 takes, he moves on. It's by far the most ambitious film Mr. Nolan has directed."

When asked if Christopher Nolan would like to share anything with the crowd before the trailer was shown, he offered the following, succinct statement.

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"Nothing whatsoever."

The trailer won't debut online for quite some time, but according to a description from ScreenRant, this footage reinforces the theme from the previous trailers that Earth is running out of resources, which leads to this mission to explore other planets. It is also revealed that Jessica Chastain's character is actually the daughter of Matthew McConaughey's Cooper, who continues to age while Cooper remains the same, possibly as a result of some sort of time travel paradox. It's also possible that Casey Affleck plays Cooper's son. Fans also got to see the alien world that Cooper and his co-pilot (Anne Hathaway) reach along with a number of "odd moments" likely intended to confuse viewers before the film hits theaters this November.

Christopher Nolan also spoke about why it was a necessity to shoot Interstellar in IMAX.

"I needed the biggest canvas possible."

The filmmaker also talked about how the his ambitions to become an astronaut as a child is what helped shape the movie.

"I grew up in a time when being an astronaut was the highest ambition of any child. The idea that we'd keep exploring space seemed an inevitability."

Christopher Nolan also added that he wants to create a realistic viewpoint of outer space from inside a spacecraft, and that he wants the film to be just as ambitious as his primary inspiration, 2001: A Space Odyssey. He added that the story is really about humanity's role in the larger scheme of the universe.

Are you more excited to see the Interstellar trailer now? Chime in with your thoughts below.