In classic Community fashion, i.e., right at the last minute, the cancelled NBC sitcom was rescued by Yahoo! Screen for Season 6, fulfilling the promise of "six seasons and a movie." One of the names most notably absent in last month's announcement was Donald Glover, whose character, Troy Barnes, set sail on a trip around the world last season, as a provision of Pierce Hawthorne's (Chevy Chase) will.

While Troy never resurfaced in Season 5, many fans noticed an Easter Egg during another episode, where a TV in the background revealed that the boat Troy and LeVar Burton (as himself) were sailing on, was captured by pirates in the Gulf of Mexico.

During Community's Comic-Con panel today, series creator/showrunner Dan Harmon indicated that Donald Glover won't be back for Season 6, but his story could be used in the long-promised movie.

"Troy's out there somewhere - he may be in peril... that's what movies are made of."

While this isn't a confirmation by any means, it's the first hint we've heard about the potential movie's plot. Dan Harmon also joked about a connection to Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, hinting that the movie may be called The Search for Troy, with the Greendale study group on a quest to find their missing friend Troy.

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While no plans for a movie have been solidified yet, Joel McHale teased earlier this month that Yahoo! Screen is already talking about possibly picking up the movie along with Community Season 6, while promising that the feature will be "epic" and not like "any other episode." If the movie does end up following a rescue mission to save Troy Barnes, that surely does sound epic indeed.