The UK magazine, The Sun comes to us today with some hot and steamy set photos from Charlie's Angels 2! You don't wanna miss out on these!

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Hellboy: We showed up too late to the con for this, but Garth at Dark Horizons got it nailed:

Guillermo Del Toro was at the San Diego Comic Con yesterday and spoke briefly about the film adaptation. It'll be based on the first mini-series predominantly with elements from the others in it. In fact quite a few differences in it from the comic are based on Mike Mignola's original backstory notes which didn't make it into the various comics so far. The entire movie will be processed digitally in post production so the color and contrast can be augmented which expands the range and allows for the colors to pop out (rather than desaturate which is what the technique is used for most now). The color tones of the comic will be included and aside from some Nazi flags, Hellboy himself will be the only real 'red' colored thing in the film which is filled with blue-grays and green-grays. Del Toro wants to stick as close to the comic as possible and thinks one of the worse things that can happen is when a filmmaker comes along and says "well I like it but I can make it better". The film will be dark and action packed with Hellboy fighting huge Lovecraftian monsters - but its not gory, so its definitely aiming for a PG-13 rating. More details on Hellboy and "The Left Hand of Madness" will be included in Monday's update.

Young Guns 3: Another scoop sent in by 'Perminator' to Dark Horizons reports some interesting rumors for a little movie called Young Guns 3!

"I found out this week that Christian Cain is doing a "Young Guns 3" and will probably call it that, however, it's not going to be the story of Billy the Kid (I mean what else is there to tell). This third tale will spin-off into the tale of Sequoyah Houston, the infamous Deputy of Tahlequah. He was killed by Crawford Goldsby aka Cherokee Bill, the part white, part Hispanic, part black who killed at least 5 men before he was hanged; on the gallows he was asked if he had any last words, to which he replied "I came here to die, not make a speech!". Cain's son, Dean Cain (the same guy from Lois and Clark) has been written up for a role, and Cain is looking at Charlie Sheen - who he worked with in the original Young Guns - to take on one of the leads. I believe it's going to be a small to medium budget film."

Thanks to Dark Horizons for 2 great scoops!

Goonies 2 & Corey recently talked to Corey Feldman about the stand still of the Goonies 2 production amongst many other things. CLICK HERE for the full interview with 'Mouth'!

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