Yesterday was the final we attended San Diego's Comic-Con, and boy did we score the goods!

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So let's get right to business on what when down on this spectacular day! Read the whole article for links to pictures and video we scored during yesterday's events!

Since this is such a huge update, I've setup links direct to each individual story:

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Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines: This event, along with the X-Men 2 panel were DEFINITELY the highlights of the day! At first thing were going according to schedule. Director Johnathan Mostow came out and talked about how excited he was to be directing the new Terminator flick, and how he promised not to let the fans down by paying attention to EVERY little detail that he could in making the new movie. Then the big one hit. Mostow got up and introduced his favorite robot from the future...ARNOLD SWARTZENEGGER HIMSELF!!!

I turned on the video camera as soon as possible and got what I could of Arnold talking about Rise Of The Machines! Although the video isn't the greatest, it'll definitely give you a nice big dose of the big guy!


Now, as you can see from the video, Arnold introduced some footage from T3 in which they were VERY strict in protecting, so strict in fact that if you were caught taping any portion of the footage your tape would be confiscated and you'd be asked to leave. Trust me. I know how cool it would be to have that footage right now! Here's a rundown of what happened in the video segment:

- Speeding motorcycle driving down a deserted highway at night.

- Voice over by John Conner (Nick Stahl). "My name is John Conner. I live off the grid. No one, nothing, can find me. If we changed the future, why am I still running? If it's safe now, why am I hiding?"

- You see a troubled John Conner wandering through the desert, sitting on a bridge during this voice over segment.

- You then see a barrage of action sequences and quick cuts to things like:

{@IMG:zFojReylfcV4CTFyD4vTJRINsWf3ba|Movie [email protected]}* Demolished areas of the city.

* A"lab" where it seems some sort of robot was being built.

* Arnold climbing out of a wrecked truck.

* Arnold carrying a casket out of a cemetery where a hail of gunfire is being bestowed upon him. He turns and fires back upon whoever is firing.

* Flashes to an endoskeleton head.

* A full body shot of a Terminator endoskeleton

* John Conner and Arnold being startled by robots that look like a cross between ED-209 from Robocop and any other two legged two machine gun armed robots you've ever seen.

At the end we see a half Arnold half Terminator torn face where he looks at the camera and says: "Desire is irrelevant. I am a machine."

- On screen text: "July 2003"

Some other bits revealed by Arnold...

Arnold, to the surprise of everyone, did some Q & A for everyone after the T3 presentation. And to my own surprise no one at the con was dumb enough to ask him for his autograph!

Conan 3: Arnold confirmed that the Conan 3 has been written and he is VERY pleased with it. "I can't wait to start on this picture. We're now just waiting for Warner Bros. to give the O.K. so that we can start production on this movie!"

Doc Savage: Arnold revealed that the script for Doc Savage was complete, but when it reviewed by Warner Bros. they saw an estimated cost of $220 million dollars. This has put the movie in development hell until Warner Bros. can do the movie at a lower cost. As of right now, Arnold has no idea what is going on with the current status of the movie.

Kindergarten Cop / Twins: On a rather amusing note, Arnold was asked what the funnest movies he ever did were and without missing a beat Arnold answered with Kindergarten Cop and Twins! He said that working with the kids was a blast on 'Cop' and smoking stogies with Danny Devito in his trailer everyday on Twins was one of his favorite things to do. He then mentioned movies like Predator, Total Recall, and the Terminator movies...but hey, he was in geek central...I think he felt the pressure to say something like that!

Solaris: Yes! Another total surprise at Comic-Con this year was James Cameron pimping his new executive produced Steven Soderbergh flick, Solaris! He even showed a 5 minute clip fresh from Steven! While we again weren't able to video tape the clip, we did get Cameron talking about the film!


Now, on to the footage Cameron introduced. It was very Kubrick if you ask me...long shots, monotone music, no dialogue, a nice eerie feel to the whole thing.

- George Clooney enters the space station with much reluctance.

- The space station is VERY empty giving it a very creepy what's-gonna-happen-next type of feel.

- He peruses the empty station and a very long shot is achieved with no cuts as the monotoned music swells throughout. It is very disturbing. And very careful.

- He then sees a blood stain in which he follows a trail of blood streaming from within which then leads to a bay door.

- As the camera pans up very slowly it reveals a bloody handprint on the wall.

- He keeps following the blood trail very slowly until he comes upon a white glove covered in blood. He kneels down, picks it up, and continues following the blood trail.

- He finally comes to the end of the trail inside a room with 2 body bags. He opens one body bag and reveals a body, then he moves to the other and reveals it's contents.

Cameron stated that the focus of the movie was to really bring this intimate and personal sci-fi flick to the screen. Some of the things you won't see in the movie will be some of the imagery of the planet that was described in the original novel.

Other James Cameron bits...

- Cameron did mention his excitement for his latest project regarding the adaptation of Battle Angel Alita, although he did not go into detail.

- He did debunk the rumor of his involvement on the Fantastic Four adaptation.

{@IMG:KP8GKI726Wr4BSSawI09oPODE8tHXS|Movie [email protected]}X-Men 2: This was the big one. The one EVERYONE in the convention had to cram in for. A rep from Fox introduced Brian Singer, director of the first X-Men movie, to present footage and do a little Q & A for X-Men 2!

I just wanna say that the footage shown was absolutely, by far, the best footage shown. Supposedly the movie has only been in production for a few weeks and you wouldn't believe the cut Brian Singer showed us! Here's a rundown of what appeared in the super secret footage of X-Men 2:

- The first cut in the clip showed an extended conversation with Magneto and Xavier in the plastic box that looks like it continued at the exact end of the first flick.

Magneto: "Does it keep you awake at night? The feeling that someday they will pass that foolish law and come for you and your children."

Xavier: "It does indeed..."

- Then we see a barrage of fast cuts of the "School For The Gifted" being invaded by some type of government agency at night. The kids in the institute are scared and hiding from the invasion.

- Then it cuts back to the Professor X / Magneto conversation: "I feel a great swell of pity for the poor soul who comes to that school looking for trouble."

- Then we see Wolverine running down a hallway (looks like he just got out of bed) wearing a tank top wear it looks like he is going to do a running punch of sorts, but then his claws appear and he swings with full force and screams at the top of his lungs.

- We then see a ton of cuts of a bunch of action involving Wolverine, the army types, some helicopters, Pyro blowing up a car, Yuriko, and the "School For The Gifted".

- Cut back to Magneto in the prison: "You should have killed me when you had the chance!!!"

- Cut back to the fast cuts of Rogue and Cyclops in some underground something, Wolverine searching, and then finally the X2 logo...coming soon.

- Then right at the end you see Xavier and he says: "Eric... What have you done?" then a very pissed off Wolverine comes at the camera and swipes EXTREMELY hard 3 times and then cut to black.

Extremely amazing stuff, especially considering the small amount of production that has occurred. Brain Singer is definitely a force to be reckoned with!

Here are some bits that Brian Singer revealed about the plot during the Q & A:

- There will be over 800 effects shots in the film.

- Nightcrawler is in the film.

- Juggernaut is not is the film.

- The Danger Room is not in the film.

- The Sentinels will not be in this film, but since designs have been done for them they could appear in later sequels.

- Beast in the film? No comment.

- Now since Halle Barry is an oscar winning actress she told Brian Singer she wanted more screen time. This of course was a running joke between them, but Singer already was planning on giving her more screen time in this sequel.

- Rogue will have a sort of "sex-life" in the new film.

- There will be another release of The X-Men on DVD that will include more behind the scenes footage, and although he isn't that involved in the production, he has entrusted the DVD into the hands of the same company that re-released the feature packed version of The Usual Suspects.

The Hulk: So with all the great surprises at Comic-Con this year could we expect anything less from the creators of The Hulk? Of course not! None other than Mr. Ang Lee himself came to present some stills from the production of The Hulk! While NONE of the pictures were too exciting, Ang Lee did talk a bit about the creative process he was taking to keep The Hulk as original (as a comic movie can be) as possible. He really felt the inner struggle of Bruce Banner is the key to the film, and wants to preserve and delve as deep into his psychie as possible. Sadly, Lee showed no picture of the Hulk himself as the CGI is nowhere near close enough to present anything publicly yet. Although he spill the beans on some internet rumors:

- There will be no She-Hulk in the film as rumored.

- He did not comment on the possibility of a dog-hulk.

- There will be no Tobey Macguire as Peter Parker/Spider-man cameo.

- There will be no Absorbing Man in the movie.

- Lou Ferrigno will be making a cameo!

Dreamcatcher:Jason lee and Timothy Olyphant both were on the panel for Stephen King's Dreamcatcher, but being the jokers that they are they revealed NOTHING of the film...even when people weren't asking Jason Lee to do Mallrats lines and asked legit questions, they didn't answer any. They did introduce a nice long clip from the movie, and I can say that this is one to watch out for. Since the clip didn't really show anything new that isn't readily available on the net, I won't our time going though it shot by shot. By far, this panel was the funniest and most entertaining...Jason Lee and Timothy Olyphant were hilarious.

{@IMG:euyxVqxVUArinOoXEqOzEPPCGPEeOk|Movie [email protected]}Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever: Lucy Liu and Darth Maul himself, Ray Park, were both there to present Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever! This is one that we did actually sneak some video of! Check out the trailer they presented for this new action flick:


Other bits revealed by Lucy Liu:

Kill Bill: The movie is currently shooting in Bejing. Uma Thurman is really taking up the culture by taking martial art courses and the like. Lucy Liu described this film as an old school homage to the old Chinese martial arts flicks.

Charlie's Angels 2: Lucy Liu confirmed that the press blew the artistic differences between her and Charlie's Angels costar Bill Murray, way out of proportion. She said they had some differences on where the script should in relation to her character and that was about it. There was no punching of Murray at all, and she said if there was, she "would have definitely remembered it"!

The Ring: While leaving Comic-Con 2002 I walked by a box of unlabeled VHS tapes sitting on the street. It said take I did. I knew exactly what it was, but I was still intrigued. I took the tape home and played it. Now, supposedly I will die one week from today!

Wanna know what is killing people 7 days later after viewing the tape in the new thriller, The Ring?


This is not the trailer It's the actual tape that is killing people! Once you have seen it...visit this link.

{@IMG:Z0sHkL5KbQeu0DzOqYBWJoXgFmP4Bd|Movie [email protected]}Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers: While nothing too revealing came from Newline's presentation of Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers there were a few things that have to be mentioned.

First up on stage was the WETA digital team, in from New Zealand and headed by the head honcho over at WETA, Richard Taylor. Taylor talked in detail of the production of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy and how WETA was formed. He also went into the details of how his relationship with Peter Jackson was sparked and he showed the WETA demo reel of the special effects they've done for films like The Frightners, Dead Alive, and a ton of others! These were the films they've done outside of the production of Lord Of The Rings, which has been taking over the existence of WETA for years now.

After a brief video presentation of some footage from The Two Towers, none that hasn't appeared in any of the trailers/teasers we've seen, Richard Taylor introduced Sala Baker who plays Sauron, and Lawrence Makoare who plays leader of the Uruk-hai, Lurtz.

{@IMG:HZC2ePXjrRZZu3vnMn6AQ2QUd0gYR0|Movie [email protected]}Some Q & A was spawned from the crowd, and then they moved to introducing everyone's favorite hobbits, Elijah Wood (Frodo Baggins), Billy Boyd (Pippin), and Dominic Monaghan (Merry)!

Nothing too interesting came from the crowd or the panel themselves as most of the people asking questions were just looking for autographs. All in all it was GREAT fun and the seemed to be in very good spirits about being heckled by the fans.

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Stay tuned...for a vault...of movies...~Brian