Just months after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hit theaters, Gameloft is giving fans a whole new Spider-Man adventure with the upcoming mobile game Spider-Man Unlimited. Fans can play as Spider-Man to battle the nefarious Sinister Six in New York City with this mission-based story.

Take a look at the first footage to get ready for this new mobile game, which will be available to download for free on the App Store, Google Play and Windows this September.

Get an inside look into Spider-Man Unlimited at San Diego Comic Con Marvel panels with the SDCC Trailer!

Jump into a hand-drawn comic-verse in a brand new mobile episodic adventure. Go beyond a runner with new gameplay mechanics, boss battles, Spider-Man collection, and of course, a mission-based story.

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The game will be free to download on the App Store, Google Play, and Windows! Coming this September!