Last week, we reported that Legendary's Saturday panel in Hall H will include director Guillermo del Toro's Crimson Peak and this summer's thriller As Above, So Below, although many fans were expecting and hoping to get their first look at Duncan Jones' video game adaptation Warcraft. With Preview Night at the Con in full swing, Legendary Pictures revealed the official Warcraft logo on their Twitter page. Is this a hint that Warcraft may be invading Hall H? It's too soon to tell now, but check back on Saturday afternoon to see if this video game adaptation makes a surprise appearance.

Director Duncan Jones recently wrapped principal photography on Warcraft, so it seems unlikely that any footage will be shown, if the fantasy adventure movie does make a surprise appearance. However, it should be noted that star Travis Fimmel will already be in town to promote his hit TV series Vikings, so it's possible that he may swing by as well.

Travis Fimmel stars in Warcraft alongside Colin Farrell, Paula Patton, Anton Yelchin, Anson Mount, Paul Dano, Ben Foster, Toby Kebbell and Dominic Cooper.