Earlier this month, we reported that Family Guy will kick off Season 13 with a special one-hour premiere that crosses over with The Simpsons, in an episode entitled "The Simpsons Guy". During the Family Guy Comic-Con panel earlier today, Fox debuted a special five-minute clip that shows the Griffin clan in Family Guy somehow getting stranded in Springfield, where they meet The Simpsons.

Watch as these two Animation Domination hits share the screen together, along with a few surprise cameos from Cleveland Brown (Mike Henry) and Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) from Bob's Burgers, then read on for more details that were revealed during the panel.

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Family Guy producers Steve Callaghan and Richard Appel also teased a special Christmas episode, where Jesus returns and the guys all discover that he's a virgin, as they go on a quest to get him laid. Voice actor Mike Henry acknowledged the sacrilegious nature of the episode.

"We're going to hell."

Another Family Guy episode will feature special guest star Liam Neeson. When Peter drunkenly declares that he can beat up the actor, they take a visit to a film set to see if he can actually do it. Here's what Richard Appel had to say about Liam Neeson's involvement.

"He was very willing to poke fun at himself and all the internet rumors about him."

Other Season 13 episodes will center on Meg being recruited to become a foot fetish model, Stewie becoming pregnant with Brian's baby and Chris going on a Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure-style trip through time with Stewie and Brian, after failing a history test.

Steve Callaghan also teased that they started working on a Family Guy movie a few years ago, but it isn't happening yet, due to series creator Seth MacFarlane's busy schedule. However, Steve Callaghan still holds out hope that the movie will happen.

"Someday, we will make it happen."

He also teased that they will be bringing characters from the cancelled spin-off The Cleveland Show into the Family Guy fold.

"That's the best part about animation - even though that show went away, we can bring all those characters back to our show."

Family Guy returns with the one-hour Season 13 premiere, "The Simpsons Guy", on Sunday, September 28 at 9 PM ET on Fox.