Latest 'Comic-Con 2006' News

COMIC-CON 2006: Arielle Kebbel and Amber Tamblyn On The Grudge 2

The stars of the sequel talk about what's different from the original.

Spider-Man 3 Cast Footage from Comic-Con Online

Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire, Thomas Haden Church, Topher Grace, Bryce Dallas Howard and Kirsten Dunst talk to the fans about the film.

CONFESSIONS OF A TV JUNKIE: Comic-con A Go-Go, Plus An Exclusive Interview with Frank Spotnitz!

Get the latest from the TV networks on their plans for this fall!

COMIC-CON 2006: Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura Talks Stardust and Transformers

The producer describes making both films, his plans for a G.I. Joe meets Action Man movie and the J.J. Abrams script for the Superman movie you didn't see.

Evan Jacobs

COMIC-CON 2006: Screenwriter Jane Goldman Discusses Adapting Neil Gaiman's Stardust

Scribe talks about how books are different from movies, having a dream cast and working with director Matthew Vaughn.

Evan Jacobs

Comic-Con 2006: The Wicker Man, Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix, Superman Returns

Neil LaBute, Daniel Radcliffe and David Yates, Bryan Singer, and Richard Donner on the Warner Bros. panel.

COMIC-CON 2006: MTV's The State to Finally Come to DVD

No release date yet but the creators seem optimistic that it will happen.

Evan Jacobs