Latest 'Comic-Con 2007' News

Watch the Entire Masters of the Web Panel from Comic-con 2007!

Get a look at everything that went this year during the panel.

Brian B.

COMIC-CON 2007: Bionic Woman Screening

Get the full run down of the new show from last weekend's Comic-con convention.

COMIC-CON 2007: Chuck Panel Coverage

The nerd invasion is upon us!

COMIC-CON 2007 EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Jon Favreau and John Terrence Howard on Iron Man!

The cast and crew talk about the latest gigantically popular comic-book based film franchise!

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COMIC-CON 2007 EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Rogen & Goldberg Talk Green Hornet, The Pinapple Express & Superbad!

Plus, hear the Superbad panel discussion from the floor of the convention!

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COMIC-CON 2007 EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Darren Lynn Bousman and Tobin Bell on Saw IV!

The director tells us to expect a 'Knife Chair!'

B. Alan Orange

COMIC-CON 2007 EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Peter Fonda and Ben Foster 3:10 to Yuma

The actors dish on the upcoming dramtic western.

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