Latest 'Comic-Con 2008' News

Watchmen Comic-Con Footage Available Now on ITunes

The film jumps into the digital world with featurettes, iPhone applications, film clips, trailers and more!

Green Hornet Preview Will Be at Comic-Con 2009

Seth Rogen hopes to have something for the fans by next summer - even though nothing has been shot yet!

BOOS! AND WHOOP-DOOS: Comic-Con 2008 Whoop-Doo Recap!

B. Alan Orange looks at celebrity fish bowls, pretzel dogs, police raids, and angry Jokers.

B. Alan Orange

Hi-Res Watchmen Posters from Comic-Con

Zack Snyder directs the graphic novel adaptation.

Cat Parker

COMIC-CON 2008: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Smallville's Cast Tells Us to Expect the Justice League and New Villains in Season 8!

We talk to the stars of the show about Clark Kent before he became Superman.

COMIC-CON 2008: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Jensen Ackles & Eric Kripke Talk Supernatural Season 4!

As well, writer Sera Gamble chimes in on what fans can expect from season four of the hit show!

Brian B.

COMIC-CON 2008: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Friday the 13th Cast & Crew Interviews

We chat it up with Derek Meaks, Amanda Righetti, Brad Fuller, and Andrew Form about this upcoming horror remake.

B. Alan Orange