The absence of Eriq La Salle meant that there were references to Soul Glo heir Darryl Jenks in Coming 2 America, but the creators have revealed the planned cameo scene they originally had in mind. In the first Coming to America movie, La Salle played Darryl Jenks, heir to the Jheri curl-like company called Soul Glo. No one who has seen the movie can ever forget the jingle heard in the brand's television commercials, and many fans were hoping to see some kind of Easter egg referencing Soul Glo or Darryl in the sequel.

Unfortunately, Eriq La Salle was not interested in reprising the role of Darryl for Coming 2 America. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Coming 2 America co-writer David Sheffield and director Craig Brewer have revealed how they would have included La Salle's character if the actor had accepted their offer to return. As Sheffield explains, Darryl has since gone bald and now endorses a miracle hair-growing product called Soul Gro.

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"I'm sorry that Eriq didn't want to take part in the sequel, because we had a plan for him. We wanted to do a new commercial that would be seen in the background somewhere in a scene, and it was gonna be called 'Soul Gro.' The joke was going to be that Eriq is now selling a baldness cure and he was also a customer. The ad called for Eriq to be bald and for hair to sprout out of his head magically."

Brewer goes on to divulge a few more details about the axed Soul Glo cameo.

"Soul Gro was going to be a commercial that was on TV that the Junsons were watching. It was just going to be a very quick joke where Darryl would come out and he would have his curly wig, but then he would take it off and he would be bald. It'd be like a 'Do you remember me?' kind of thing and then he would use Soul Gro to make his hair grow. But it didn't work out."

La Salle had previously revealed to Rolling Stone why he couldn't do Coming 2 America, claiming at the time that he was simply too busy working on Chicago P.D. Describing his responsibilities on the series as the "biggest job" he's ever done, it appears that the actor just didn't want to be distracted for the cameo scene, nor was he too eager to revisit a role from his past with such a strong focus on what he's working on now.

"I've always been more focused on the present and the future than the past," La Salle explains. "I'm very proud of having been in an iconic film and what this has turned out to be. You respect and appreciate it for what it is, but as far as trying to rearrange or compromise the schedule that I'm currently doing, there simply was just not enough time in the day."

While La Salle didn't return, several other original actors from Coming to America were featured alongside lead stars Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall. However, it seems to be Wesley Snipes who stole the show as new character General Izzi. In any case, if you're late to the party, you can watch Coming 2 America now on Amazon Prime. This news comes to us from Rolling Stone.