When stuck filming in Oaxaca, Mexico, there are many good things to do to pass the time. Giving Jack Black his own video camera is NOT one of those. Should such a mishap occur, you might just end up with something like the Nacho Libre Confessionals.

During the next 10 weeks MovieWeb will be featuring 2 confessionals a week from the set of Nacho Libre, starring Jack, made by Jack.

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Sound fun? How could it not be.

CLICK HERE now to experience a small trailer for the upcoming confessionals!

From the creators of Napoleon Dynamite and School of Rock comes a wildly original, off-the-wall comedy about Nacho, a lowly slop cook at an orphanage who secretly dreams of becoming a famous Mexican wrestler. Moonlighting in disguise, he is ultimately exposed and excommunicated by the church. But when he defeats Mexico's most feared Luchador, and gives his winnings to the orphans, he becomes a local hero.