Coming Soon at Lights Out: I have to start today off with a mention about what's been going here behind the scenes at Lights Out lately. I know things have been a bit slow lately, but that will all change VERY soon. Here's a tiny run down of what to expect by the end of August:

• Lights Out's Movie Vault: That's right. Our biggest project to date...a FULL BLOWN film database where you'll be able to find the latest film news, trailers, clips, and anything else you can think of....narrowed down to the film of your choice. This is the big on...stay tuned.

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• Multiple Monthly Contests: We have made so many affiliations with different studios, toy companies, and promo sites that we have a ton of stuff to reward our viewers with! THAT MEANS EVEN YOU COULD WIN! Stay tuned for some great contests coming your way VERY soon.

Change is a good thing. Stay tuned for the ULTIMATE movie site.

COMIC CON 2002!!!A few of us here at Lights Out will be attending Comic-Con 2002! For the next 3 days we'll be reporting ALL of the happenings surrounding this year's film related events! You don't want to miss out on this!

Ghostbusters 3: Hellbent: Stax over at IGN's Filmforce has gotten his hands on a very untouchable copy of Dan Aykroyd's script for Ghostbusters 3: Hellbent! CLICK HERE to read the review!

The Carrier:Stax also has a nice review of Dean Devlin's next effort called The Carrier. CLICK HERE to check it out!

{@IMG:PdbDJFxXsDwixEuUGh4OPjeuxTSkIJ|Movie [email protected]}X-Men 2:Dark Horizons has some very interesting news on the X-Men sequel:

All casting including major roles and cameos are complete on the "X-Men" sequel, and 'April 27' drops by to discuss the look of the big newcomer: "The crew has finalized the look for Nightcrawler. Actor, Alan Cumming is on set as we speak trying out the new duds and make up. He still has not filmed any scenes though, and will not start filming for some weeks from now. All I can tell you about his characters look is that he DOES have only three fingers like in the comics. Through the use of prosthetics it will be done. I'm not too clear on if his feet are like in the comics. What can I say about the fur, tail, eyes? I have no idea how they did it. He really looks creepy and it looks very realistic. Comic fans will be happy".

Bad Boys 2:While Martin Lawrence promotes his new stand up comedy movie, Runteldat, he also spoke of his involvement in the up and coming Bad Boys sequel to CLICK HERE to read the interview! Thanks to Dark Horizons for the heads up.

Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers:War of The has posted a bunch of scans from the latest issues of Empire Magazine which heavily features The Two Towers!

CLICK HERE to check out some great pictures from the production o the film! Thanks to 'Fatty'!

Jeepers Creepers 2: Are you interested in a look at Jeepers Creepers 2? CHUD's Creature Corner has posted your very first look at the film!CLICK HERE

Stay tuned for some great COMIC-CON coverage by yours truly the next few days! ~Brian