Coming to America 2 (also often referred to as Coming 2 America) is currently in the pre-production phase and it looks like the full storyline has been revealed. Costume fittings were happening a few weeks back and it looks like the project is finishing up the casting process for the production, which is rumored to start this summer to prepare for its 2020 release date.

After years of talk about the sequel, Eddie Murphy finally made it official back in January when he announced his involvement. Now it looks like Dave Chappelle may be on board too.

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When Coming to America 2 was announced, it was revealed that it would focus on Eddie Murphy's Akeem coming back to America after he learns he has a long-lost son, who becomes the heir to the throne of Zamunda. Now, we have some more information about the rest of the story. According to sources close to Paramount, if Akeem's son is willing to replace him as prince, then Akeem gets to be King. Akeem's son's name is LaVelle and he is barely staying afloat in Queens, where he is broke and working at a fast food joint, which is the polar opposite to his father.

When LaVelle turns 30-years old, he decides he wants to do something different with his life. It's at this time Akeem fills him in about his family and the kingdom in Zamunda. Upon arriving, LaVelle meets new female character Zamundan Mirembe, who has been disowned by her family because she is a "groomer" and "won't pass muster with the royals," according to sources. She ends up helping LaVelle to understand there is a lot more to life than just riches and ruling a kingdom in Coming to America 2.

As it turns out, Eddie Murphy's Akeem has another child back in Zamunda, who would be a much better fit to lead the country. His oldest daughter, Meeka, is "an intelligent born-leader whose theories, especially in relation to Akeem's rival, General Izzi are concerned - she knows he's up to no good, Akeem thinks otherwise." There's going to be a lot going on in Zamunda as Akeem tries to take over as King while placing LaVelle as his prince. This seems like the perfect plotline for Coming to America 2, but it has not been officially confirmed at this time.

In addition to Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, it is believed James Earl Jones will be returning for Coming to America 2. Other cast members are a mystery at this point, but it is believed Dave Chappelle might be on board to play "Baba, an old shaman from Zamunda that advises King Jaffe (Jones)." Like the new story details, the casting news has yet to be officially confirmed, but it sounds promising. Hopefully we'll get more information when the production officially begins in the next few months. Coming to America 2 has an official release date of August 7th, 2020. The storyline details for the sequel were first reported by MovieHole.