Hip-hop star Common had long been rumored to be playing the role of Green Lantern John Stewart in the upcoming Justice League of America from Warner Bros. The actor, most recently seen in Smokin' Aces, confirmed to MTV that he had, indeed, been cast in the film.

"It's a blessing really, to know that I could potentially be this superhero," he enthused. "Justice League itself is an honor, and Green Lantern is an incredible character to play. It's a blessing to be associated with it," Common said. "Just being a black person, a black man, playing a superhero is an honor in itself," he smiled.

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Justice League of America had been delayed due to the WGA strike, with production believed to be picking back up during the summer of 2008. For his part, Common believes that while the film has been momentarily shelved, he still sees it moving forward soon.

Justice League of America brings DC Comic's greatest heroes together for the first time on the big screen. Superman, Batman, the Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the Martian Manhunter will all band together to save the Earth. Justice League of America is tentatively scheduled for a 2010 release.