With the long delay from the WGA strike, and being told they wouldn't receive the tax break from Australia, the only way that the superheroes of Justice League: Mortal will be able to save the day is if the fans save them first. Rapper Common recently spoke to MTV and said that it will take support from the fans to ensure that the film continues.

Common has been cast in the project as John Stewart, the Green Lantern, and has put forth a rallying cry to the fans. "All of us have the superhero in us," he enthused.

The rapper also revealed that he now has a personal stake in the film, beyond the honor of playing one of the few major black superheroes from DC Comics. "For me, my daughter on Halloween she played Wonder Woman. She was Wonder Woman," Common smiled. "For her to see her dad up there [next to Wonder Woman] - it would be beautiful."

When asked about the future fate of Justice League: Mortal, Common said "I would love to say it will go through. I pray and hope that it will. Keep speaking it for real and it's gonna happen."