The long wait for Community is finally over today, as the first two Season 6 episodes are now available on Yahoo! Screen, with new episodes debuting every Tuesday. Before these new-episodes made their premiere, series creator Dan Harmon and several cast members descended upon the South By Southwest Film Festival for a panel presentation, where the long-rumored movie was briefly discussed. As you may well know, Community fans have rallied behind the #SixSeasonsAndAMovie hashtag for several years, and now that Season 6 is here, will the movie happen next? While Dan Harmon wouldn't offer any concrete confirmation, he did tease that Yahoo! Screen may be interested in bringing the movie to life.

"Yahoo seems down for just about anything. I don't know why they'd turn their nose up to a movie about a low-rated show. They seem to be very naive."
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While no specifics were given, it was also confirmed at the panel that Season 6 will feature another paintball episode. The show's first paintball episode, "Modern Warfare" happened at the end of Season 1, with the Season 2 finale split into two paintball episodes, "A Fist Full of Paintballs" and "For a Few Paintballs More". There was also a brief paintball moment in the Season 3 episode "Curriculum Unavailable", but that was the last time the game showed up in the series.

Going from a major network like NBC, which cancelled the show after Season 5, to an online platform like Yahoo! Screen is certainly an adjustment. When asked about how the show has changed, now that it is airing online, actress Alison Brie joked that the cast won't be suddenly naked all of the time, because they aren't on a major network. She added that more of Dan Harmon's "weirdness" can be shown on Yahoo.

"It's been a difficult question to answer from our perspective because there's not a huge crazy difference. Dan's weirdness, it's just able to exist more. hat's more of the difference. In the smaller moments, when someone's having a rant, that rant can live a little bit longer. The things we're saying can be as weird as you've always wanted them to be."

Executive producer Chris McKenna addressed the loss of characters such as Yvette Nicole Brown's Shirley and Jonathan Banks' Buzz Hickey, but he added that fans are literally getting more Community, since each episode runs approximately 26 minutes, as opposed to the 22-minute episodes on NBC.

"They finally figured out how to defeat us. They just let us have a show. Last year was hard because we were losing characters and there was just a lot to do. It was a lot of bills to pay and we're still paying them. Now you guys are getting a lot more Community because we love our stuff, and we're not cutting it out"

Joel McHale added that they always hated that they had to cut certain scenes from each show on NBC, but now fans will get to enjoy everything.

"The episodes were so short [and] we would go, 'All of this is gold.' I think it's just awesome that we can just do as much as we can now."

Alison Brie also talked about how supportive Yahoo has been, which has lead to a different vibe on set.

"I think part of that vibe is yes, being at Yahoo, and feeling incredibly supported. Everyone from Yahoo who visits is like, 'We get it. Just do your thing.' It's so refreshing. The vibe has been so fun."

Dan Harmon also teased surprise guest stars, but wouldn't reveal their identities at this time. What do you think about these new developments? Chime in with your thoughts below, and visit Yahoo! Screen to watch the first two episodes from Season 6 of Community.