When all hope was thought to be lost for Community fans, after NBC cancelled the sitcom, Yahoo! Screen stepped in at the last minute ordering a 13-episode Season 6. While production hasn't started on the new episodes yet, Yahoo! Screen has debuted an epic Season 6 trailer, including scenes from all five previous seasons of the show, while teasing that Community will become the world's first "bionic show."

Take a look at this trailer, which will be quite familiar to fans of The Six Million Dollar Man, then read on for more information.

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While the show does feature footage from all five seasons, you'll notice that there is only one scene for Season 4, which shows the students suffering from a "gas leak." That season was the only one without series creator Dan Harmon, and when he was brought back for Season 5, the "gas leak" was given as the reason why everyone wasn't acting quite the same as previous years.

Of course, we'll have to wait and see what tricks Dan Harmon has up his sleeve for Season 6, which doesn't have a premiere date set at this time.