Dimension Films announced today that they have acquired U.S. distribution rights to the psychological thriller Compulsion starring Heather Graham and Carrie-Anne Moss. The film, now shooting in Ontario, Canada, also stars Kevin Dillon and Joe Mantegna and is being directed by Egidio Coccimiglio.

Compulsion is based on the South Korean film 301, 302 and centers on two women occupying neighboring apartments, each grappling with obsessions that have begun to overtake their lives. Graham portrays Amy, a vivacious, calculating chef whose need to be desired is so far-reaching that she becomes a star in her own imaginary cooking show. Moss is Saffron, a reclusive but alluring ex-child star who is battling anorexia. Their complex, ever-intensifying relationship builds to a surprising climax as their emotional connections to food and one another boil over.

"The combination of a great script, two very strong female leads and a suspenseful tone and pace made Compulsion a highly sought after project for the company," said Bob Weinstein, Co-Chairman, The Weinstein Company.

Added the film's producers Gary Howsam and Bill Marks, "We're thrilled that Dimension Films recognizes the qualities and talent associated with Compulsion. The film couldn't be in better hands."

Compulsion is written by Floyd Byars and will be produced by Gary Howsam and Bill Marks. Academy Award-winning cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond is also on board. The executive producers include Anders Palm and Jeff Sackman, whose TAJJ Media is managing the distribution rights licensing for the picture. International rights are being represented by Ernst Etchie Stroh and Moonstone Entertainment.

The deal was negotiated for Dimension Films by Andrew Kramer, President of Business and Legal Affairs and on behalf of the film by Jeff Sackman of TAJJ Media.